Monday, January 9, 2017

Sideshow Wolverine Statue


 Today I was surprised by an amazing gift from my cousin, a Wolverine statue from Sideshow Collectibles! While I have an extensive action figure collection, I only own 3 statues and none of them as dynamic as this one. I can't find my ruler, but he stands around 20" tall, including base and is covered in detailed textures and painstakingly applied paint applications.  This statue is probably the finest item in my geek collection.  Check it out!

The statue comes with an easy-to-change alternate unmasked head.  Both are excellently sculpted, but I prefer the mask-on version.  Still, look at these details!

The unmasked head looks especially cool from the side.

The last thing I want to point out is the base. He's standing on top of a broken japanese-style bridge with 4 arrows sticking in the wood around him. There's snow on the ground and on the bridge. I love the texture and paint details on the wood and the painted shadows on the snow. It really sells the whole scene. Fantastic work.

Amazing job by the Sideshow team. I'm super excited about this new addition to my collection. Thanks for checking out my review.

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