Monday, June 13, 2011

Foosball is NOT the devil, Mama!

These are some pictures of an unfinished project from a decade ago. I took a standard foosball table and was in the process of painting each figure on the board as a different superhero. I got busy with life and it has spent most of the past 7 years or so in my sister's attic. Last time I was in Tulsa I took this pics to remember it by, since I gave her the okay to find it a new home.

I finished the "hero" team and painted 2 figures on the "villain" team, but never completed the whole table. I tried to pick characters that would work well on that area of the soccer field. I had the big guy, Hulk, as my goalie with stretchy Mr. Fantastic and Green Lantern as his defensemen. I had my my all-around talent in the middle of the field with Human Torch, Cyclops, Captain America, Batman & Robin. Then on offense I put my fast guys, Flash, Superman & Spidey.

I had the villain team picked out, but only got as far as painting Carnage and Magneto on offense. This is a fun idea that I may revisit someday, but it is years away. This was a very time-consuming project.