Friday, March 16, 2012

Shiny New Colossus

A few years ago I bought what i thought was the last Colossus figure I would ever need. The Marvel Legends Colossus was big, shiny, and had a great paint wash. This week I found a better one. Once I saw the new Marvel Select Colossus, I could see all the areas where the Legends version fell short. The Select Colossus is bigger, shinier, actually poses better, and best of all, actually looks like the character! You'll see for yourself if you scroll down.

Colossus comes with a spiked wall that is supposed to be part of the Danger Room training area. It looks great, but seems kind of small to be a threat to this big guy and it's probably going straight to storage.

The details on Piotr's clothes are very well done, but if you prefer your Russian mutants topless, feel free to pull off his head and remove the top part of his shirt. For much of the 80's Colossus went shirtless in battle, so this is not all that weird. I think the details are great, but can't get past the abdominal part of the shirt that is not removable, so I will be displaying him with his shirt on.

Now for some fun comparisons. Look at his size compared with in-scale figures of the Hulk, Thor, Juggernaut, & the Legends Colossus below. I'm not sure that he's supposed to be bigger than the Hulk, but I'm sure the Marvel Select Hulk is bigger. The others are pretty right-on though.

Last but not least, the "Fastball Special"! It's pretty cool that there's actually a Colossus figure that can easily lift a Wolverine figure to recreate their signature move.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Destroyer of Asgard

A few years back there was a variant Iron Man figure in the Marvel Legends line that ToyBiz repainted as the Destroyer from Thor comics. Aside from that, fans of the Destroyer have been out of luck...until now. This Destroyer came out with the Thor movie figure line and looks great alongside my 6" figure collection. He's bigger, as he should be, but not TOO big. Unlike the Marvel Legends, this guy doesn't have much articulation, but he doesn't really need it either. He has a great, intimidating pose and his metallic paint wash looks great, especially with light shining on it. Too cool!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Green Lantern from Korugar

The newest addition to the Green Lantern Corps. is Lantern Soranik Natu from Korugar! She is the on-again, off-again girlfriend of my favorite lanter, Kyle Raynor, and the daughter of classic GL villain, Sinestro! Not much else to say here. She's a fun character and DC Direct did a great job with her sculpt and paint job. The metallic green against the matte black is a nice touch. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Guardian of Grayskull

February was a great month for MOTU Classics fans. Here is the 2nd figure I was lucky enough to add to my collection...The Sorceress!

The Sorceress comes with her staff and Zoar, her Falcon form (She has to transform into a falcon to leave Castle Grayskull). Mattel did a great job on the details here. What could have been a plain, boring dress gets accentuated by etched and meticulously painted feathers on the ends of the skirt and headdress. Another nice touch is that when you raise her arms, her wings automatically spread out. You can choose to have the wings up or down, but it's cool that they do that automatically. Enough talking about it, check out the pix!

BTW, you can see a close-up view of the pix by clicking on them...just so you know.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

She came from OUTER SPACE!

I missed this figure when she was release online, but luckily I found her at my local comic shop. It's Captain Glenn (a.k.a. Queen Marlena)!

In case you weren't aware, Prince Adam's mother is NOT from Eternia. She's from Earth! Before she was a queen, she was Captain Marlena Glenn, courageous space explorer. One of her experimental flights took her through a wormhole or something and she crash landed on Eternia. A handsome, young Captain of the Guard, Randor, discovered her and nursed her back to health...then married her!

This figure came with the ability to change back and forth from Captain Glenn to Queen Marlena, but I like her astronaut version so well that I honestly haven't even put together the Queen version. Check out her Sci-Fi awesomeness!

She came with a cool accessory...Cringer! He doesn't have any moving parts, but he's a great addition to the collection. He's much smaller than Battle Cat, which makes sense. I only wish I had Prince Adam to stand by him!

Return to Eternia

This month saw the release of 2 incredible new figures in the Masters of the Universe Classics series, The Sorceress and Fisto. I'm presenting Fisto in this post.

Fisto is one of the best figures in the series so far. The detail on this guy is amazing!

He also came with some sweet accessories. He has an extra head, belt, and sword to turn him into the 200X version from the more recent cartoon. I'm choosing to display his classic version, but the 200X version is pretty awesome. Check him out below!

Stay tuned for pics of the Sorceress...COMING SOON!