Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ram Man Review - MOTU Classics

At long last, a core member of the Masters of the Universe has gotten his turn at being re-imagined by the folks at Mattel.  Ram Man makes his triumphant debut with an all-new, much larger than average sculpt.  While no taller than the other MOTU Classics figures, he's almost twice as wide and twice as heavy.  This is one beefy figure!

While not the smartest member of He-Man entourage, Rammy was a mainstay of the original show and no MOTU collection is complete without him.  He comes with an update of his classic versions' axe and a kind of weird alternate head.  I'm assuming it's inspired by the 2001 updated cartoon.  It's just an ugly head sporting a metal yarmulke.  Needless to say that extra head is going straight in the accessories box.

Ram Man is so large that Mattel had to create a special, larger packaging just to hold him!  I don't have a previous figure's packaging handy to compare, but you can see what it looks like by itself.

While I love the updated version of his axe, I always picture Ram Man fighting with just his head.  Luckily, Mattel sculpted a handy axe holder right on his back!

As you can see below, Mattel's attention to detail continues with this excellent figure.  The sculpt is great and the paint apps are equal in quality.  The glossy paint really sells the metal look of his helmet.  His face guards really limit the head motion, but who cares?  He looks awesome!

Here's that weird extra head I mentioned earlier.  Well-sculpted, but weird.

Here are a few shots of Ram Man with his friends to show you a size comparison.

Here is my new Ram Man standing next to my vintage Ram Man.  I'd say they've made a few improvements.

Now it comes down to it...Ram Man vs Juggernaut. Who stops who?  Tell me your thoughts in the comment section!

I'm really excited to finally add Ram Man to my MOTU Collection.  I now have almost every character that I really wanted for this collection, but it literally wouldn't have been complete without this figure.  It took them several years to get around to him, but it was worth the wait.  Nice job Mattel!

DeMarco Murray's Figure Debut

One of the figures I've been on alert for since it's reported release last November was McFarland Sports first figure of Dallas Cowboy running back, DeMarco Murray.  Not only is Murray the Cowboy's best shot at a serious running game in several years, he's also a former Oklahoma Sooner, which means he's pretty much my favorite sports figure in the history of sports.

Considering I grew up with the old Starting Lineup figures, these McFarlands Sports Pics blow me away.  The poses are dynamic, the likenesses are very good, and the paint apps are spot on.  The quality on these are so good, it's really pretty surprising they're as affordable as they are at $12-$15 on-shelf. 

Check out the detail on these close-up shots!  The helmets feature a glossy, glittery paint while the chin straps are a matte, off-white.  The detail work is just stellar.  Look at the NFL logo on his collar!  I didn't get a good pic of his face, but they did good work there as well.  It's not the best likeness I've seen in this series, but it's close.

And here he is running with Mr. All-Time Rushing Leader, Emmitt Smith! 

Excellent work by the folks at McFarland Sports.  Often popular figures get re-released in their college uniforms.  I already have Adrian Peterson and Sam Bradford in the OU crimson. Let's hope DeMarco joins them sometime soon!