Thursday, June 26, 2014

Guardians Assemble!!!

At long last the Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends have arrived!  Of the 6 GotG figures, I'm only planning on buying 3 (okay, maybe 4) of them.  I found StarLord and Racket Racoon at my local comic shop (shoutout Bedrock City!).  Let's check 'em out!

Let's start out with the man himself, Peter Quill, a.k.a...StarLord.  Who?  StarLord man....legendary outlaw??? .... Forget it.

Mr. Quill comes with an alternate, unmasked head, one of Groot's build-a-figure arms, his blasters,  removable backpack, his headphones, walkman, and the shiny orb he steals in the trailer.  This is a LOT of accessories in today's toy market.

And here's his little buddy, Rocket!

Rocket comes with the head & torso of Groot, his rifle, and a big chest harness laser canon thing for StarLord.  I couldn't get StarLord to hold it very well, so you're not getting any pictures of that.

Rocket stands about 3" high.  They could have done a better job on his articulation, especially with his head/neck, but the sculpt is good.

Just for fun, I thought we should see Rocket team up with Green Lantern B'dg against that evil Red Lantern cat thing (that I meant to sell on ebay).  I think that cat is in trouble.

My Review:
These figures have great sculpts and I'm super excited to have them on the shelf...that being said, I think Hasbro is WAY overpricing these toys.  I paid $25 each of these figures.  You can find them as cheap as $19.99 at Walmart or Target.  While the sculpt and accessories are great, the plastic quality feels very cheap.  When I bend StarLord's arm, I feel like it could just fall apart.  The plastic feels more like rubber and is not hard or sturdy (that's what she said).  The old ToyBiz Legends were very sturdy and looked great AND cost 1/3 as much.  I know plastic prices have gone up, but I don't understand the downgrade in plastic.  StarLord's jacket is supposed to be softer, so maybe his arms feel like that to match his jacket.  Whatever.  It feels cheap.

Overpriced though they are, I'm planning on getting Nova as soon as I can find him and probably space armor IronMan as well.  I already have a Legends Drax that I prefer (see top graphic) and Gamora just looks awful, so I'm planning on buying those Groot pieces on ebay.  I'll post pics of him as soon as I have him complete!

Lastly, I like to let Space Ghost end every post...take it away SG!

Sassy, Space Ghost, verrry sassy.  You better lighten up or I'll have to replace you with a Jimmy Fallon figure.