Monday, February 21, 2011

Up Next...Cap, Spidey & She-Hulk

Here are a few more pics from my collection, jazzed up in photoshop a bit. The Captain America is from Marvel Legends Series 1 (old school cap!), Spider-Man is from a Marvel Legends Spidey boxed set, and She-Hulk is a Marvel Select figure, who I just bought early this year.

There have been several Captain America figures released since this one, but none have been as classic as this one. He's really the perfect Cap figure, in my opinion.

Likewise, it's actually hard to find a really good Spidey figure. When I was a kid Spidey was IMPOSSIBLE to find. I would check the toy stores every time I visited my grandmother in the booming metropolis of Wichita Falls, TX, but the best I could find was a Deadpool figure (he kinda looked like Spidey and that was as close as I could get). These days it's the opposite. You can find Spider-man figures anywhere and Deadpool figures will cost you $50! Anyway, this Spidey is a pretty good one. Great sculpt, good articulation, and the webs are actually part of his sculpt, not painted on.

I've been contemplating buying this She-Hulk for about 4-5 years, since she first came out. Shulkie is probably my favorite female comic book character, but her toys have traditionally been awful. This one is dead-on to her current look in the comics, but they gave her a really hard pose to work with. I finally found a really good deal for her on ebay this year though, and couldn't pass it up. Glad I didn't. She's a great figure.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Custom Spidey-Lantern!

No photoshop tricks here, folks, just a few pics of my new custom Green Lantern figure....Spider-Man! Due to a situation with an ebay seller, I ended up with 2 GL figures of the same character. I took the worse figure of the two and pulled off his head. I had a few extra Spidey heads laying around so I tried a few on to find the best fit and got to work. I used model car enamel for the first time on this project. I had tried doing action figure customs in the past with standard acrylic paints and they always chipped off. This paint goes on smooth and looks great when it dries, but it was awful to work with. Very runny and hard to control. The GL-Spidey emblems on his chest and back definitely don't look professional quality, but as hard as the paint was to control, I'm proud of how they turned out. I ended up painting all the green and white parts of this figure, as my enamel was very glossy and I though that would look nice against the dull black paint of the original GL figure. All in all, I'd say he's a success. He fits right in with my GL collection. I'll have to post pics of my whole group soon. I keep hoping to come across the brand new Kyle Rayner figure at Walmart, but no luck so far.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

First Pics

Here are a few fun pics to get us started. How about some Rorschach, Juggernaut, and some Skrulls? Rorschach is from the Watchmen movie figure line (that's NightOwl and Napoleon Dynamite behind him). Juggernaut is my newest find and is a Marvel Select figure (he's massive). The Skrulls are a mix of Marvel Select, Marvel Legends, and Marvel Universe figures (the ones in focus are Marvel Select).

What's the Deal?

So, I have this action figure collection that I really like. I also like to have some fun with a digital camera and try to find some fun images and what not. Sometimes the two meet up. That's why I made this blog. I'm taking pictures of some of my favorite figures, playing around with them in photoshop some, and posting them right here. I hope someone out there enjoys these pics as much as I do.

I thought this would be a fun first picture. This is my 18" Spidey and equally tall Galactus. Spidey has something like 70 points of articulation (which has to be some kind of record) and the G-Man has light-up action and says fun phrases like "Behold...the WORLD EATING MACHINE!".