Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Walking Dead...Pool

The second of two highly anticipated Marvel Legends arrived at my local comic book store this week. It's Deadpool!!

This Deadpool is a nice improvement over Hasbro's last attempt at the character about 6 years ago or so, and that was a dang good figure. Great sculpt and a TON of accessories, which is rare with this toy line. 

Mr. Wilson comes with 4 guns, two swords, a knife, a rocket launcher (with boxing glove), unmasked head, and a taco! It was hard to decide what to pose him with, but I had to use that taco. 

This is a nearly perfect action figure. My only complaint is a manufacturing flaw. His left elbow is poorly put together and doesn't pose or look right. Unfortunately this guy is so rare that I'm lucky to have one at all, so I guess I'm stuck with the defect. Small price to pay to have such a kickbutt figure.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Newsflash: Toy Collector Goes Rogue!

After months of nerdy anticipation, this toy collector finally got the newly released  Marvel Legends Rogue figure! For those not in the know, Rogue is a very popular X-Men character, who was played by Anna Paquin in the X-movies. 

In the early 90's I was just beginning to get really into superheroes (as opposed to GIJoes & Ninja Turtles), and the Saturday morning X-Men show on Fox is where I got most of my early X-knowledge. So any figures based on that era of the team are especially awesome to me. This figure features Rogue just how she looked in that cartoon; 90's leather jacket, headband, and everything.

Enough of the jibba jabba, here's the pics!

Good articulation, excellent paint applications, and a great sculpt make for a fantastic action figure. My hats off to Hasbro, who is at the top of their game. This one is worth the $.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Gulf Coast Toy Show Haul 2016

Every year I look forward to the Gulf Coast Toy Show in Houston, TX. While nowhere near as big as one of the local comic cons, this show is packed with awesome new and vintage action figures for collectors. Every year I find must-have figures at great prices.  Here's what I brought home this year!

My most exciting find was the 6" Michael Keaton Batman figure. He came exclusively with the anniversary release of the Batman blu-Ray a couple of years back. They did not make enough of these, so demand and prices have been high. I snagged this dude for only $25, about half what I seen online!

Typing on my phone is getting old, so I'll just post pics of the rest of my haul. All of these are figures that have been on my radar and I got a good to great deal on each one.