Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Armory - Instagram Style

I decided to thin back my Iron Man collection today, making it less of a "crowded mall" look and more of a "suits lining the walls of the armory" look.  I know these aren't great for details, but I think Instagram makes some cool effects.

Just a little fun on Tuesday night.

And yes that is a CUSTOM Tony Stark.  It was really simple.  I just took an extra Tony head that came with one of my Marvel Legend Iron Men and glued it to the body of a Dark Knight Harvey Dent action figure.  I think it makes for a great focal point to my armory. :)

Eventually I want to have a larger display area dedicated to the many suits of Mr. Stark, but for now, he's got this little nook decked out with what I think are the coolest and/or most important armors from his history.