Friday, November 1, 2013

Collect-and-Connect Kilowog

This brute is the huge, Collect-and-Connect figure of the heroic Green Lantern, Kilowog, from the DC Universe Classics collection.  The C-n-C figures are sold in pieces inside individual figures in a series, so if you buy the whole set, you get a larger, exclusive figure to put together.  Since I couldn't bring myself to buy the 6 or 7 figures it would have taken to make Kilowog myself, I assumed I would never own this one, but a well-timed special at my local comic shop put him in my price range and I jumped on it!

As you can see, Kilowog is a big guy.  He's roughly the size of the Hulk, is physically very powerful due to the attributes inherent to his race, and he has a GL power ring.  This guy could be terrified, but luckily, he's one of the most heroic characters in the DC Comics universe.

Though his appearance suggest big and dumb, don't let that fool you.  Kilowog was a top physicist on his home planet before being called into service by the Green Lantern Corps.

Though I thought the C-n-C Kilowog was out of my price range, I did manage to snag the slightly-more affordable version released a few years ago by DC Direct.  Though he stands almost a head taller than my other GL figures and has a pretty awesome sculpt as well, this Kilowog just wasn't big enough, in my opinion.  When I got the chance to upgrade, I went for it.

Now I'm going to show you just how BIG this guy is with a series of pics showing him compared to various other characters in my collection.  First off, is Big K's buddy from Earth, Hal Jordan.

My favorite thing about the Green Lanterns is the alien space cop aspect.  There are some REALLY weird Green Lanterns out there.  Below is Kilowog with the weirdest looking aliens in my Green Lantern Corp.  As you can see, only Stel is equal to Kilowog in stature.  It just so happens that those two big guys are the drill sergeants for new GL recruits.

Here's a collection of my favorite aliens in my toy collection.  Let's take stock here...we've got a buff space pig, a shiny naked dude, a space horse dressed like Thor, and a guy with his undies outside his pants.

This is a collection of the 6 biggest heroes in my collection.  Kilowog is tied with Stel for 2nd place.

Now let's see how the big guy stacks up against the competition.

Juggernaut is not the tallest villain on my shelf, but he's the beefiest.  Kilowog is a bit taller and is a pretty wide guy, but Juggernaut beats him in sheer mass.

Thanos is another big guy with powerful hand bling.  I would say I'd like to see these guys go at it, but Thanos's glove is definitely more powerful.

While Sinestro isn't big physically, he's the biggest threat the GL's have had to face over the years.  This is one I HAD to put together!

MODOK is Marvel's version of the C-n-C figure, pieced together after I bought 6 or so separate figures.  Though he's not even close to the biggest figure in my collection, he does have the largest head.

Just for fun, I took a quick shot of my GL shelf after I put the group back together after the photoshoot.  I have 4-5 more GLs in my storage box, but there's just no more room!  That's my favorite GL, Kyle, on the front/right.

And now...for your moment of zen.

Hellboy Figure by Mezco

It took a while to find one, but I finally got a good deal on ebay for the original Mezco Hellboy figure released in 2005.  Though 2005 isn't that long ago, these figures are pretty hard to find at less than $40/each.  I got him for $25 with a broken tail.  A little super glue and we were back in business!

The great thing about this line of figures is that Mezco managed to capture Mike Mignola's very distinct (and amazing) artwork in a 3d format.  The hard lines, the texture, the's an amazing likeness to the artwork!

Check out the sculpted detail on his face, horns, and skin.  Those pock marks all over him are pencil/pen marks in the comic books.  It gives Mignola's artwork a great texture.

Below is a picture of the Hand of Doom itself.  Hellboy was supposed to use this hand to release the dragon, Ogdru Jahad, from it's prison in space and lead the army's of hell to conquer the Earth.  Luckily HB was raised in America and raised on pancakes, so all he wants to do is smoke his cigar and have a good time.

I like to end my posts with an interview between my newest figure and talk show legend, Space Ghost.  This time I couldn't choose which of Space Ghost's questions/comments to use, so I'm posting them both.