Tuesday, May 15, 2012


My Marvel Legends Hulk is a very good figure, but he's just not measuring up to the rest of my Avengers these days.  Hulk should be bigger than Thor.  Luckily the new Avengers movie inspired a great new Hulk Marvel Select figure!  This guys is HUGE and towers above my 6" figure collection.

This Marvel Select Hulk features decent articulation, awesome size, and a nice paint job everywhere except his pants.  Those are pretty understated and could have used a lot more attention.  I would have also liked to have one hand opened up with his fingers flexed and ready for action, like he was often shown in the movie.  Different hands to swap out would have been extra nice.  All-in-all a great Hulk figure though.  Check out the detail on his face below.

Now for some comparisons.  Below is my new Marvel Select Hulk compared to my now tiny-looking Marvel Legends "Face-Off" Hulk.  I've also compared his size to the massive Juggernaut and sizeable Destroyer.

The band's back together!!!  Avengers...you know what to do.  Assemble already!

I'd give this figure 4 out of 5 stars.  It's not perfect, but it's darn good and would be a nice addition to any Marvel collection.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Monochrome Spidey

For those not in the "know", the Fantastic Four recently lost a member to a temporary death (as it turned out) and changed their name to the Future Foundation.  The new FF sported slick new black & white duds and invited Spider-Man to join in the fun.  I bought the first issue of FF just for the sweet Spider-Man suit.  Now Hasbro has released an awesome new FF Spidey in the latest Marvel Legends series!  Let's check him out!

First off, this is probably the best Spider-Man action figure sculpt yet.  Yes, his hands are frozen in fist/web shooting poses, but considering how bad the more articulated Spider-man hands have been in the past, I'd rather just have one that looks nice for once.  This Spidey is very solid-looking, features great posability, and the paint apps are almost perfect.  I'll compare this new Spidey to my previously displayed one and you can see the difference. The older Spidey features nice details, but he's creepy skinny and while they made him very posable, he just looks odd.  I love this new sculpt and would buy more Spideys from Hasbor if they would repaint this sculpt in the classic red/blue and black suits.

Is this suit design and figure followthrough not incredible?  Love it!

Check out these poses!

Here's the comparison  of the new Spidey to the now-demoted Spidey.  The old Spidey can almost match the pose, but look how awkward and fragile he looks.  Plus, look at those weird hands!  No contest.

I'm not usually a huge Hasbro fan (I haven't forgotten you ToyBiz), but they did Spider-Man right, which goes a long way in my book.  Nice job!