Thursday, July 5, 2012

Marvel Select Loki

I have wanted the Marvel Select Loki figure since it came out last summer following the release of Thor in theaters, but I kept putting off the purchase.  I decided to buy it at the Dallas Comic Convention last May and I had my pick of 2-3 on the floor, but I passed them up to browse the floor first and they all sold out within 2 hours!  Finally, I made some extra $ selling old figures on eBay and used some of it to buy me some mischief.

There's a new "Avengers Movie" Loki popping up in Walmart stores in the 6" Marvel Legends style, but I wanted this larger 7" scale Loki.  He IS the son of a Frost Giant, after all. This version of Loki's helmet isn't removeable, but the details and likeness are spot on.

Here are a few snapshots from Loki's personal scrapbook!