Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Walking Dead...Pool

The second of two highly anticipated Marvel Legends arrived at my local comic book store this week. It's Deadpool!!

This Deadpool is a nice improvement over Hasbro's last attempt at the character about 6 years ago or so, and that was a dang good figure. Great sculpt and a TON of accessories, which is rare with this toy line. 

Mr. Wilson comes with 4 guns, two swords, a knife, a rocket launcher (with boxing glove), unmasked head, and a taco! It was hard to decide what to pose him with, but I had to use that taco. 

This is a nearly perfect action figure. My only complaint is a manufacturing flaw. His left elbow is poorly put together and doesn't pose or look right. Unfortunately this guy is so rare that I'm lucky to have one at all, so I guess I'm stuck with the defect. Small price to pay to have such a kickbutt figure.

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  1. Cool, man! Congrats on finding him. He is nowhere to be found in stores. Got mine though! Marvel Legends is slowly starting to include more accessories, alt heads and hands. Deadpool certainly sets the Marvel Legends accessories record! Loving the new blog posts!