Monday, July 17, 2017

Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon (GotG Vol. 2)

Here he is, the new and improved Rocket Raccoon action figure from Hasbro's Marvel Legends line. This Rocket is based on his appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and is a VAST improvement over the first movie's figure.

Rocket comes with 2 guns, 2 alternate heads, baby Groot, and the build-a-figure torso of Mantis (not shown).

 When the 2nd movie came out, I wasn't planning on buying new figures, but the new versions were just SO much better! I also upgraded my StarLord and Gamora. I hope to add pics of them soon.

Rocket is small (about 2.5") but somes with lots of articulation, details, and attitude.

Rocket comes with a tiny 1" Baby Groot in his Ravager suit. He doesn't have any articulation, but who cares? He's so darn cute!

Here's a comparison between the new and old figures. The older figure stands a bit taller and features his orange suit from the first movie, which I kind of prefer, along with a large gun, which I also prefer. However, everything else is better on the new figure. More details, better likeness, more attitude, more articulation! 

The orange Rocket just looks, bored and unintelligent. It looks like someone dressed up a sedated raccoon and made him stand up somehow. The blue Rocket looks mean and smart and ready to hurt someone. This is the Rocket I know and love!

Check back soon for pics of the whole Guardians team assembled featuring the newer version of Star Lord, Rocket, and Gamora!

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